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World For Tchad is a French non-profit organization founded in 2010 and recognized as an NGO in Chad. We are striving to guarantee the most essential right: access to drinking water.
Bringing safe and clean water can reduce the risks associated with water-borne diseases, school absenteeism, inequalities, and the pauperization of households in very precarious situations. Access to potable water has a strong influence on the rural living conditions, for this reason, we made it our priority.
The objective we aim is to build ten more wells by the end of 2021. Through the support of our partners and the work of our team in Paris and N’Djamena, we already brought access to potable water to 26,000 people in South-West villages in Chad by building 26 wells.


● 1 well = safe drinking water for 1,000 people
● Building sustainable infrastructure
● Construction of 26 water wells in Chad
● 26,000 people supplied with water through World For Tchad actions
● 10 additional wells by the end of 2021


Number of people
the water well
supplies daily and for free


Number of water wells drilled since 2011 by World For Tchad


Cost in €uros
for drilling a well


Number of charity concerts organized by
World For Tchad since its foundation

26 000

Number of
our recipients


With a GPD increase of 6.9%, a competitive agricultural sector, high human potential, local richness in oil and cotton, and the tourism sector developing Chad is a promising country.
Yet, it is still considered one of the poorest countries in the world. The actual living conditions are miserable and leave Chad without its most essential resource: its 12.8 Million inhabitants.

Several urgent challenges take up for the Chadian population and for the economic growth.
Access to drinking water is an essential factor for development:
- For daily hygiene and to fight diseases
- To stop water collection duty, reserved to women and young girls
In Chad, water collection in rural areas is a big problem for the populations.
The shortage of drinking water generates unhealthy hygiene conditions, which are the main causes of the current pathologies in these regions: malaria, bilharziasis, meningitis, and measles. These diseases cause a significant reduction in life expectancy for people who are already struggling to feed.

World For Tchad is committed to this cause and works every day to bring access to clean water to Chadians.

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