World For Chad wants to install handwashing devices in front of shops in N'Djamena

Presentation of the project
To cope with the health crisis caused by Covid-19, World For Tchad intends to do everything possible to protect the people of Chad. To participate in the national effort, we want to put in place hand washing devices equipped with a bar of soap in front of shops in the town of N'Djamena.

What will the money collected be used for?
Thanks to your participation, we could set up 2 to 3 devices equipped with soap bars and ensure the supply of clean water of these devices for 3 to 6 days. 
As soon as we have reached the 100€ we will be able to set up at least 1 handwashing device with a bar of soap and provide its supply of clean water! Help us help them. 

Our team
We are fortunate to have a volunteer member of our team who is ready to join us in this crisis. This person will be supported by the entire World For Tchad team throughout his mission.

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