Showcase concert - June 26, 2013

Mercredi 26 juin 2013

In support to the project “15 wells for Chad” 

The situation
In Chad, the proportion of the population permanently having drinking water in rural areas is 17% and that of the population applying hygiene measures is 7%.
People living in rural areas are most vulnerable to diseases linked to poor living conditions, access to water and sanitation.
The time it takes for women and girls in the villages to work on water deprives them of the right to education and prevents them from maintaining income-generating activities.

Who are we?
World For Tchad is an organization that aims to carry out humanitarian actions of charity and solidarity for the people of Chad in the fields of education, training and health. In Chad, the provision of drinking water in rural areas is a real scourge for populations. Following this observation, Guy BOYPA, of Chadian origin, created World For Tchad, whose main activity is to drill wells.

15 drilling sites for Chad
This objective of 15 drilling sites is part of a larger project to build 208 wells in the country.
1 pump represents access to water for about 1000 people and has an average life of 15 years.
Access to water is the primary need expressed by the population of the targeted villages. The inhabitants will take fully part in the project, by establishing a committee that will be in charge of the management and maintenance of the water point. 

The concert of June 26th, 2013
The concert is a new opportunity for the organization to gather more people around the cause. 
A spectacular venue, the Showcase, a 1800 square meters concert hall 
A capacity of 1500 people
Tickets sold at FNAC
A press conference scheduled before the arrival of the public at 6pm
Concert from 8pm to 11pm

On the program of Artists who have confirmed their presence:
-Fanny G (Zouk)
-Warren (Zouk)
-Tina Ly (Zouk)
-Axel Tony
-Esy Kennega
-K-Reen (rnb)
-Tiwony (dance hall)
-Tess ( artiste raggae 16 ans)
-Dynamitt(rappeur tchadien)
-Izrael (artiste tchadien)
-Mandowe(chanteur tchadien)
-Mas Dongar(artiste Tchadien)
-Aly Angel
-John Banzai
-Claudia Tagbo
-Ina Modja
-Jara Ezo
-Gaël Faye

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