Exclusive interview - Guy Boypa, president and founder of the NGO

Guy Boypa left Chad in 1976, at the age of 6. He studied in France, before becoming an entrepreneur in the secturity sector. Thirty years after leaving his home country, he returns to Chad to discover for himself the living conditions of his family and his relatives. He is struck by the problem of access to water.
By creating World for Tchad, Guy Boypa invites you to contribute to the development and well-being of the people of his country of origin, by carrying out concrete and visible action on the ground. So that many other Chadian children can follow their dreams, set up their business, and one day help their country.

Guy Boypa, président et fondateur de World For TCHAD

What is your story?
“I was born in Chad, where I was raised until my 6th birthday. In 1982, my family and I moved to France, where we were in transit because of the war taking place in Chad. I
learned how to speak French and had the chance to study at the republican school. From these years, I kept a deep love for France and its institutions. But I always wanted to go back to Chad, my childhood country.”

Why this concern with water in Chad?
“Thirty years after leaving Chad with my family, I decided to go back to visit my close friends and family. Upon my return, I discovered the Chadians’ living conditions by visiting villages and talking to their inhabitants. It was noticeable that many infrastructures allowing a safer life were lacking, particularly in terms of clean water distribution and access. It shocked me then, and it still does today. Witnessing these living conditions, I wanted to participate in solving this problem, which puts the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chadians at risk.”

Which objective are you pursuing with World For Tchad?
“I founded the World For Tchad charity because I am a practical man, and a charity is a concrete, visible action from which we can directly observe the results and impacts. At this date, we have already built twenty-six wells, bringing safe drinking water to 1,000 people in rural populations. Our goal is to successfully build a total of 208 wells, which will bring access to potable water to more than 200,000 people across Chad. These new infrastructures would have a strong impact on the populations’ hygiene and women’s education and employment. Keep in mind that without a well, women are in charge of water collection and usually have to walk long distances at the cost of their health and future career. I invested a lot of time and money in this initiative because I believe in it, and every time I go back to Chad, I can witness the difference we make.”

How did you come up with the idea of charity concerts?
“I work in security, often with personalities from the show business. One day I was talking about my organization to a friend, Juliette Fievet, a journalist at RFI, and she became immediately thrilled by the idea behind the initiative. After that, she helped me to raise visibility around the project and to compose the artists’ panel for the first concert. Over time, several artists joined our cause, but Juliette remained the first sponsor of World For Tchad. Our dear members and donators participated too to make these events possible. We are currently preparing the next edition of our Parisian concerts that will take place at the end of the year. I encourage everyone to join us.”

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