“ALL TOGETHER FOR ACCESS TO DRINKING WATER” Thursday April 26, 2018 at Bataclan

World For Tchad will meet you on Thursday April 26th, 2018 from 7.30 pm to 11 pm for the 6th edition of its unique charity concert at Bataclan. 
A mythical and emblematic place of the French music scene, World For Tchad promises you a 100% solidarity evening with committed artists!



On the program of this evening, under the sign of giving and solidarity, you will find a cast composed of more than 20 artists and humorists among which: AMINE RADI -  JAYMAX - PAUL KABESA - OUALAS - WALY DIA -  SAMIA OROSEMANE JEAN-CLAUDE MUAKA - HOCINE POWER -  MOUSSIER TOMBOLA - APOLLO J -   AYARAH   DJAMIL LE SHLAG  -  DJAMEL KAIBOU  - COSTAUD - ISLEM SEHILI - MISTOS CAPITANO   DJ KRISPEE  - IZRA L -  CROKO LÉON - DELING K -  DYNAMITE - MUJOS - AAYITÉ - MJ30


Through the annual concert, World For Tchad raises funds to dig wells in the most remote areas of Chad.
1 well = €5,000 = 1,000 people accessing drinking water
With this event, World For Tchad wishes to raise awareness among the public and potential partners on the issues facing the people of Chad on a daily basis.
World For Tchad counts on your presence !   



50 Boulevard Voltaire
75 011 Paris
Métro 5 et 9 : Oberkampf & Filles du Calvaire

All the benefits of the concert will be donated to the association World For Tchad.


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